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  • Capital BlueCross Medicare Supplement Product Changes Name; SecureBlue Medicare Supplement is now BlueReliance Medicare Supplement

    Harrisburg, Pa. – Capital BlueCross today announced its SecureBlue Medicare Supplement product is now named BlueReliance Medicare Supplement. The change is effective July 1, 2017.

    There will be no benefit or provider network changes with the transition to BlueReliance Medicare Supplement. Member ID cards with the new name will be sent to current Medicare Supplement members after July 1.

    BlueReliance Medicare Supplement plans are available to meet a range of coverage needs and budgets. Highlights:

    • No referrals required to see specialists
    • Medicare-eligible inpatient hospital stays covered in full after any applicable deductible has been met
    • Virtually no claim forms to fill out
    • Convenient, automated payment options
    • Silver&Fit® fitness membership at no additional cost
    • Emergency care throughout the United States
    • Preventive screenings and Medicare Part B immunizations, including pneumonia and flu shots, are covered at 100 percent

    Choosing a Medicare Supplement plan can be beneficial since Medicare only covers about 80 percent of expenses. BlueReliance Medicare Supplement plans, available through the Capital BlueCross family of companies cover basic benefits not covered in Medicare, including:

    • Hospital expenses – Most BlueReliance Medicare Supplement plans cover the Part A deductible as well as eligible expenses for an additional 365 days of inpatient hospital care when Part A Medicare benefits stop
    • Medical expenses – BlueReliance Medicare Supplement plans cover Part B coinsurance for eligible medical expenses after the deductible has been met, including: doctor visits; outpatient hospital care; diagnostic services; and home health care

    Also, with a Blue Reliance Medicare Supplement plan, members are not limited to a provider network.

    Capital BlueCross customers who have any questions about BlueReliance Medicare Supplement plans and the name change can call 800.730.7219 (TTY 711).

    *Silver&Fit® is a program of ASH Fitness, Inc. On behalf of Capital BlueCross, ASH Systems, Inc. assists in the administration of this fitness program. ASH Systems, Inc. is an independent company.