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  • Capital Blue Health and Wellness Centers Launch Innovative Health Coaching Program
    Personally tailored coaching allows people to meet health goals at their own pace

    Everyone has different health goals they would like to reach.  Whether it is one of the more common goals of eating better, getting more exercise, or improving sleep habits, or a very specific goal unique to an individual's health circumstances, no one solution will apply to everyone. The Capital Blue health and wellness centers recognize the need for personal attention, and are launching a new program to help people in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley meet their goals.

    Personalized health coaching at Capital Blue is a unique program tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The program follows three paths; nutrition, health coaching and personal training. During an initial consultation, a certified health coach will learn the goals a person would like to reach and determine a plan to make it possible.

    "As a community-based health insurer delivering leadership in population health and wellness, we are proud to offer this unique program to people interested in improving their overall health," said David Skerpon, Senior Vice President, Consumer Strategies and Community Impact, Capital BlueCross. "What sets this program apart is its personalized attention. Each person's specific needs will be identified, with a custom plan built to address their unique goals.  Our health coaches will then work with these individuals, motivating and encouraging them to achieve their goals."

    Each Capital Blue health coach is trained to:  

    • Motivate and guide individuals toward greater health
    • Identify and build on strengths
    • Explore new skills and challenges  
    • Help set realistic goals for lasting change and confidence
    • Celebrate victories with positivity and appreciation

    The health coaching program is available to everyone in the community, meaning you do not have to be a Capital BlueCross member to participate. The first consultation is free for anyone interested. Capital BlueCross members receive their initial three, 30-minute sessions at no cost, and it is $40 for non-members.

    Set up a free, one-hour consultation with a certified health coach or visit for more information.