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  • A Message from Capital BlueCross CEO Todd A. Shamash

    The racial inequality and tragic loss of life that has sparked protests and gripped the country – along with the many lives and economic livelihoods lost due to the pandemic – provide many reasons to feel frustration, despair, and anger. But, often in these intense, painful moments, we see the strength of what is truly good.  We see the hundreds of thousands of people joining in peaceful protest, a unified voice from Americans of varying racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and our collective, historic experience to show us that though troubled, we are resilient and we can effect change. 

    Capital BlueCross stands for equality, compassion, and inclusion. These values are woven into the very nature of who we are and what we do. Our commitment to improving the health of our communities and members is core to our mission, and to do that, we must honor each of the individuals of those communities, advocating for their health, wellness -- and equality.

    Beyond supporting our community, creating opportunities and serving those most in need, it is our responsibility to use our voice. We must speak up against words and actions of racism, bigotry, and intolerance. We must enlist the help of friends, partners, and communities to do the same. We can and must do better as individuals, communities, and as a country.

    There are opportunities to listen, speak, and learn. For us, this is also a time of self-reflection. Let this moment not pass without each of us thinking how we can individually and collectively contribute to the dialogue with a commitment to improve upon what has led us to this moment.