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  • Capital BlueCross Offers New Mental Wellness Resource to Employers
    Comprehensive Toolkit Promotes Discussion, Action Around Mental Health Issues

    Capital BlueCross today announced it is offering employers a free toolkit to help address mental wellness issues in the workplace that often take a social and financial toll on businesses, families and individuals.

    Capital BlueCross President and CEO Todd Shamash said the toolkit can be a critical resource to encourage people to seek help for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Thankfully, there’s been a growing awareness of mental health issues in recent years, but there is still too often a lingering reluctance for individuals to discuss these issues and seek help,” Shamash said. “The stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic only underscore the need to proactively help address mental wellness issues that impact so many of our friends, family, coworkers and members of our communities.

    “We want to be a catalyst for people to lead healthier lives, and this toolkit is an important part of that effort,” he added.

    The complete toolkit offers more than 50 ready-to-use, customizable communications to engage employees both online and in-person. The resources offered can help employers:

    • Promote a constructive dialogue about mental wellness issues and their impacts on work and personal lives.
    • Educate employees on available mental wellness services and encourage them to take advantage of these resources.
    • Erode the stigma around mental health issues.

    Employers can decide when to launch their own employee-focused mental wellness efforts and which resources in the toolkit to use. This flexibility helps employers tailor their outreach in an effective way for their company and employees.

    Shamash said Capital BlueCross made a strategic decision to promote mental wellness issues at the employer level because of the impact these issues can have in the workplace.

    “Struggles with stress, anxiety or depression can sometimes be reflected in employee morale, absenteeism or productivity,” Shamash said. “If we can create a productive, ongoing discussion in the workplace around mental wellness, maybe we can help people recognize problems and seek help faster.”

    Capital BlueCross is making the toolkit available to all employers who have its coverage, and offering portions of the toolkit to employers that do not currently have coverage with the insurer. Employers can download the toolkit.

    About Capital BlueCross

    For more than 80 years, Capital BlueCross has served Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley by offering health insurance products, services and technology solutions that provide peace of mind to consumers and promote health and wellness for our members. The company delivers innovative solutions through a family of diversified businesses to create healthier lives and lower healthcare costs. Among these solutions are patient-focused care models, leading-edge data analytics and digital health technologies. Additionally, Capital BlueCross Connect health and wellness centers provide in-person service and inspiration to help people reach their health goals. Capital BlueCross is an independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association.